Edited to Add: Bridget and Emily will be receiving their second COVID vaccines on Saturday, February 20th and therefore will be fully vaccinated on March 6th. We will still be heeding all CDC recommendations to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 like mask-wearing, hand washing and spacing out appointments.

Hello Patients, 

I want to let everyone know that we are taking every precaution to make your visit to AOP as safe as possible. Thorough sanitizing, requiring masks of everyone and spacing out our scheduled appointments have all been implemented to keep you safe and healthy. I have also installed a HEPA filter in the patient room.

In order to make an appointment, please call or email the office and Lynn will be happy to get you on the schedule. But please be aware that we are limiting the number of patients being seen in a day and limiting the days that patients are being scheduled. We greatly appreciate your flexibility while we work through this. We are also requiring that patients knock on the door then wait in their vehicles until they are called in for their appointment. And please do not bring anyone into the building with you unless it is medically necessary. One family member or friend is allowed for artificial eye fittings.

If you are sick and having issues with your prosthesis, please call the office and we will make arrangements to make sure your needs are met. 

I am continuing to do everything I can to slow the spread of this virus, I hope you all are too. Wash your hands, stay home and stay healthy. 



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